Help and Support

Password Not Received

When you register, you should receive several emails. One email will confirm your purchase. Another will contain your user name and password as you registered them. A third will confirm your email opt-in with Get Response. If you do not receive these emails, check your spam and junk folder. If you do not find the emails there and you are at your office, check with your IT people. They may have spam or junk settings that captured these important emails. The sender email is so make sure that email address is white-listed in your email program. For example, in Outlook, you would right-click on the email, place your cursor over the choice "Add to Safe Sender's List," and left-click. Outlook then knows that this is not junk.

If all of this fails, go the LOGIN menu item at the upper right top of the page, click on it to get to the log in page, put in your user name, then click on the "Lost Password" link. Look for an email with a new password. Log in with that password, then go to your profile and reset the password again with something more user-friendly.

I Keep Getting Referred Back to the Registration Page Even Though I Have Paid

The solution is to log in using the LOGIN menu choice in the upper right of the screen. When you log in with a good user name and password, you will be redirected to a page that says Advanced Legal Negotiation Webinars. The webinars are listed below that. Click on the webinar you have paid for and you should be re-directed to that page. If you get the Oops! page, check to make sure that you (1) purchased the correct webinar, (2) your received a confirmation of purchase from, (3) you logged in properly, and (4) you clicked on the correct webinar. If you did all of that and still get the Oops! page, go to this page: . In the middle of the page there is a log in section. Log in with your user name and password. You will be redirected to the Advanced Legal Negotiation Webinar page again. Click on your webinar and you should get right in.

None of This Helps Me

Totally get it. Call or email me and I will personally walk through the issues with you. I am a one-man, personal service shop. Maybe some day, I will be rich and famous from this work and have a huge customer service and support team, but for the time-being, I handle all help requests myself. Here's how to reach me:


phone: 800-785-4487

I'll get back to you within a few hours to acknowledge that I received your request and try to have it resolved as quickly as I can. I mediate, arbitrate, and teach, so like you, I can get a little busy at times. If you don't hear from me, try again.