How Prepared Are You For Mediation?

To get kick-ass results in settlement, you have to out-maneuver the other side.

So you’ve got to ask yourself, point-blank:

Are you calling the shots, or are you being manipulated in mediation by a better-prepared opposing counsel?

Take the test and find out.

The test consists of 9 multiple choice questions. When you’re finished, enter your name and email address on the final page and I’ll send you the results right away. In addition, I will give you a personal email on your responses. After taking the test, you will be re-directed to a page showing you how to get case-winning settlement strategies that could be life-changing for you and your client.

How Well Do You Prepare For Settlement Negotiations?


You make every intake decision with the idea that the case will settle through negotiation, not trial.

You perform a thorough and complete written damages analysis, using expert consultants early when needed.

You create a Litigation Budget Analysis when you open or are assigned a file.

You discuss the Litigation Budget Analysis with your client early in the case.

You research Verdicts & Settlements to determine a rough "market range" of case values.

With your client, you perform a Risk Analysis Assessment to examine all non-legal, non-financial risks.

You perform an Expected Value analysis on your case and your opponent's case.

You create a series of concession strategies based on a range of assumptions about your case and the opposition's case.

You consider all of the tactics the opposition might use on you and develop your counter-tactics ahead of time.