The one case-winning skill that, as a woman lawyer, you can excel at

Become a Master Legal Negotiator

Women lawyers are better negotiators than men if they hone their skills

As a woman, you have innate negotiation skills that properly developed, will make you extraordinarily powerful. Many male lawyers are arrogant (and insecure) and their innate skills remained buried.

But you recognize your capacity to be a skilled negotiator, or you wouldn't be reading this.

Legal negotiation skills for womenDeborah attended one of my live legal negotiation courses in 2014.

“We settled for $5 AND A HALF MILLION bucks!”

“You won’t believe what happened!” Deb told me on the phone, a few days after the class.

“Whoa! Good job!” I replied. “Tell me what happened!”

By this time, Deb had already been in private law practice a little more than 10 years. But now, she was wondering if she even wanted to continue practicing law anymore.

She caught an ad in the local Bar Association magazine in the spring of 2014, and paid her money to attend my 1-day course as an early birthday gift to herself. It was either that, or dump the tedious 70-hour work weeks at her small practice, and do something else instead.

So she decided to try it my way

Long story short, in a catastrophic personal injury case, she was representing one of the plaintiffs with problematic liability. Comparative fault loomed large as a major defense position.

The biggest case of her career

And of course, the insurance company had no intention of paying anything near the $7M she was demanding!

Even worse, the other side had a very skilled trial lawyer AND a senior insurance adjuster. Preliminary discussions were already done, so Deb knew how much experience and seniority she was up against. Plus, she was a woman. It was obvious in their treatment of her that they didn't have a lot of respect for her.

Advanced legal negotiation skills for women“But I did everything you told me to do,” she beamed. “Spent the rest of the weekend going through the 9 steps from your course. And took a lot of time putting it all together, because I had never done this before.”

“Then I called my clients in on Monday morning, to get them on board too. We went into the negotiation on Wednesday, feeling calm and prepared.”

“Funny, it was like I’d already seen how it was all going to turn out. Sure enough, the other side tried every trick in the book, just like you told me. But I saw through their moves before they came at me, so I had my counter-responses ready. I used almost everything you said, and never even got flustered.”

Like Deb, you CAN master strategic negotiations on an uneven, male-dominated playing field

In fact, that’s where I can help you the most.

My name is Doug Noll. I am a full time mediator, author, trainer, and teacher. in addition to being AV-rated and acknowledged as one of the best international commercial mediators in the world, I’ve been consistently voted as one of the Best Lawyers in America since 2005 by

In 2012, I was honored by California Lawyer Magazine as California Attorney of the Year for my Prison of Peace Project. Along with my colleague Laurel Kaufer, I was transforming convicted murderers into superb mediators and negotiators in the largest, most violent women's prison in the world. I know first-hand that women can be trained as powerful negotiators.

If that weren't enough, in 2014, I was named a Best Lawyer of the Year by

]"I just watched Mediation 911.  What a great summary of the salient points of a successful mediation.  Most of my mediations would have been so much more productive if all party representatives had utilized the information presented in those 9 minutes!  As a mediator, I especially appreciated your emphasis on preparation, respectful behavior and avoidance of “rookie mistakes” (I am continuously amazed by how many experienced attorneys are guilty of those).

I purchased the full series of videos, partially out of curiosity about how much information you could pack into 9 hours …  Your syllabus is one of the most comprehensive I have seen so far.

Thank you for your contributions to improving the standard of excellence in the profession."

Elisabeth Fisher, FCIArb, LL.M., Mag.iur.
Loas Angeles, CA

Just imagine what I can teach you!

After working as a business and commercial trial lawyer for over 22 years in California, in 1998 I went back to school and earned my Masters Degree in Peacemaking and Conflict Studies, where I focused on mastering my skills in peacemaking and mediation. I became an expert in negotiation.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve intervened as a professional mediator around the world – successfully taking on difficult, complex and intractable conflicts from $500 million real estate partnership break ups to clergy sexual abuse cases.

If I could meet you face-to-face…

I think the biggest realization I could offer you is how little your legal training plays a role in case settlements. Many other disciplines are far more significant, including:

  • behavioral economics
  • decision theory
  • game theory
  • social psychology
  • cognitive psychology

As a whole, negotiation practice is deeply influenced by neuroscience. We know so much more about how our brains actually work that ideas around negotiation formed 10 and 15 years ago are obsolete and dangerously wrong today. Conventional legal wisdom is no longer a reliable source of conveyed knowledge about legal negotiation.

The problem is, where can you go to:

  • Get relevant and practical real-world knowledge at successful negotiation, without giving up client-facing time or billable hours
  • Learn real-world negotiation strategies & tactics that are not only based on hard science, but actually work -- PLUS the best scenarios to use each one to craft your best outcomes
  • Enhance your reputation as the go-to negotiator for clients who want to maximize their settlements?
  • Learn how to settle more cases and earn more respect, more accolades and more money for your expertise

It’s a question I’ve been asked hundreds of times. That’s why I’ve created my new Negotiation Mastery course especially for women like you. You realize that knowledge and skill can allow you to dominate any negotiation, regardless of who else is playing.

“A thorough, sophisticated course that goes far beyond the usual "Introduction to Legal Negotiation" workshops. Sound theory based on current scientific research, coupled with honest practical advice. Apply the lessons learned in this course, and your negotiations and mediations will instantly become more productive.”

“Doug's course is one of the best I have ever taken."

“It was like… easy-peasy!”

"I couldn’t believe how disorganized the other male lawyers on the other side were in this mediation, especially compared to my own prep. And they were the big-time defense lawyers," Deb said grinning..

When she demonstrated her thorough grasp of the case from a negotiation perspective as well as a trial perspective and showed her deep insight into the negotiation stance of every party, they were blown away. Deb was able to predict the other side’s strategy about 3 moves out -- and by 11 in the morning, she had already told the room where this case was going to settle. And why. She was absolutely correct in her predictions.

It was all over by 4:30 that afternoon – WAY before dinner.

 Here’s the kicker…

But hang on… I have to tell you the turning point in Deb’s story.

When she walked the plaintiffs out of the mediation room, they literally had tears streaming down their face. The family had been terrified about how they were going to survive, how they were going to live. Their house was already being foreclosed, and they had no idea how they were going to pay their bills if they were homeless.

Deb knew she had given them a TOTALLY new life. Advanced legal negotiation skills for women

By the time all the fees were taken care of, they wouldn’t be living any red-carpet fairy tales… but with a few million dollars awarded to them, at least they’d have a reasonably comfortable life.

 They had a future. Security was no longer an issue.

Deb’s story made my day… THAT’S why I am committed to teaching and training lawyers motivated to do good work. And that’s why I knew I had to get my live course together in a whole new format. Something easy to access, with no flights or hotel rooms needed.

I want to make it easy for you to refine your innate negotiation skills. No travel, hotels, or time away from family and friends. We will use the power of the Internet to train you.


Negotiation Mastery for the Legal Professional

Negotiate to Win More Cases, Achieve Better Settlements and Command the Respect You Deserve

When you’ve completed Negotiation Mastery for the Legal Professional, you’ll know exactly how to:

  • Correct the mistaken belief that negotiation is "just about the money"... and how this myth can cost you a lot more in your career (AND help you lose all the money besides!)Advanced l egal negotiation skills for women
  • Recognize how negotiation differs from ordinary conversation… from arguing in front of a jury… from preparing a legal brief… or any kind other kinds of legal communication that you might encounter (WARNING: you MUST use these success-building techniques in your approach if you ever hope to win challenging negotiations)
  • Structure your negotiations properly and prevent them from spiraling out of control... before they become an all-out contest of wills to be won at all costs (sacrificing your client's best interests while you battle it out with your unyielding pit-bull opponent)
  • And much, much more!

I've spent the better part of a year condensing and distilling 30 years of my knowledge of negotiation and mediation into a tightly focused, practice-oriented course that will put you on the fast track to a successful legal practice.

Different Courses for Different Needs

The Advanced Legal Negotiation Short Courses

If you are looking for specific training, you will want to consider the Advanced Legal Negotiation Short Courses. They include:


How to Prepare for Negotiation

Brain Science and Negotiation

The Negotiation Process

Mediation and Negotiation

How to Prepare a Litigation Budget


These courses are between and hour and two hours in length. They include video lectures, downloads, and in depth explanations of the theory and practice of legal negotiation. Most of them qualify for MCLE credit too.


“Excellent program. Very helpful.”

“A thorough, sophisticated course that goes far beyond the usual "Introduction to Legal Negotiation" workshops. Sound theory based on current scientific research, coupled with honest practical advice. Apply the lessons learned in this course, and your negotiations and mediations will instantly become more productive.”

Take Me to the Short Courses

The Master Class Legal Negotiation Webinars

If you are interested in more specialized topics, take a look at the Master Class Legal Negotiation Webinars. These include:

Cognitive Biases in Mediation
How to Build a Concession Plan and Why
Negotiating with Difficult Lawyers
Sometimes, It's Not About the Money
Becoming an Omniscient Negotiator

These 1 hour, MCLE-approved webinars dive deeply into the topic, covering material that is not in any of the other courses.

Take Me to the Master Classes

Negotiation Mastery for the Legal Professional-The Full Course

If you seek deep learning in advanced negotiation and mediation skills, consider the full Negotiation Mastery for the Legal Professional course. This course is 9 hours of information, skills, techniques, and tactics that will take you to the next level as a legal negotiator. The course is MCLE-approved with 2 hours of Ethics and an hour of Elimination of Bias. This is the master class for you if you really seek it.

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